Co-operative Farming: December 2020 news

21 December 2020

The Co-operative Farming team wishes you a safe and happy Christmas and New Year and we look forward to helping you plan, start and grow your co-operative in 2021.

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FREE Co-operative Foundations course online
The ideal self-paced course to learn the benefits and key features of co-operative businesses.

Educational bursaries
Co-operative Farming will cover 90% of the cost of a wide range of courses. You can find out more and apply online.

NEW: Introduction to Digital Communications for Co-operatives with BCCM
This course supports new and existing co-ops to develop and maintain their online presence. Over six one-hour sessions starting 22 February 2021, participants will learn about digital communications strategy; storytelling and content marketing; engagement through digital presence; SEO; social media; and data analysis. 90% bursary available for approved applicants.

Co-operative Governance Professional Development Session
The Co-op Federation is running this intensive and tailored day of professional development for new, experienced or future directors, managers and members of co-operatives on 8 February 2021 in Sydney. 90% bursary available for approved applicants.

Courses for 2021: 90% educational bursary available

Reinvention, resilience and innovation
Co-operative Conversations is a series of interviews and roundtable discussions about rural agricultural communities reclaiming power and staying resilient. Learn how these communities have used co-operative farming business models to achieve success. Be inspired by these great local community stories.

Go lobster this Christmas
In the spirit of co-operation and solidarity this Christmas, consider swapping out the turkey for amazing lobster! Beautiful Western Rock Lobster and Limestone Coast Lobster caught by our co-operative fishers on sale this festive season at Woollies. In South Australia, you can buy from the Barossa Community Store or buy direct from your local fishers’ co-op.

Spotlight on… Lenswood Apples

Lenswood Cold Stores Co-operative Society Limited (Lenswood Apples) is a major Australian food producer providing for the storage, grading, packaging and marketing of apples. Established in 1933 by a group of 39 growers, Lenswood Apples initially focused on storage, enabling growers to store more apples to sell in better markets. Over time, the co-operative’s business expanded from storage into grading, packing and marketing members’ apples, establishing strong export markets, initially to the UK and now exporting to customers in China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and the UAE.

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