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With thanks to the following photographers for their work:

Tony McDonough


  • Gail Stubber, WA Hemp Growers Co
  • Greg Wall
  • Mark Wilkinson, Sunpick/FruitWest
  • Natalie Browning, CBH
Josh Robenstone


  • Carolyn Suggate,  Victoria
  • Kerry Murphy, TAFCO
  • Robyn Donnelly, Victoria
  • Stuart Crosthwaite, Victoria
Jayde Guest


  • Simon Stead, CBH
Ben Searcy


  • Simon Lane
  • Shane Chisholm, Lenswood Apples
  • Brenton Woolston, AlmondCo
Paul Harris


  • Stephen Thandi, Oz Group
  • Michael Hampson, Norco
  • Alastair Anderson, Norco
  • Greg McNamara, Norco
  • Lary McHugh, Marquis Macadamias
  • John Seccombe, Northern Co-operative Meat Company
  • Clarence River Fishermens Co-op
  • Danielle Adams, Clarence River Fisherman’s Co-op
Cameron Laird


  • Aaron Newman, Qld Country Bank
  • Emma Robinson, Beef Co Inc
Thank you to the following co-operatives for allowing use of their professional photos:
  • Limestone Coast Fishermen’s Co-op
  • Geraldton Fishermen’s Co-op

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About Co-operative Farming

The Co-operative Farming project provides farmers, fishers and foresters with information and resources to support them in setting up or growing a co-operative.

About co-operatives

A successful co-operative harnesses the interests of its members to drive its performance.


Three project envoys have been appointed to the project to lead, inspire and guide our interactions and engagement with farming communities.


Our eight co-operative farming champions have been selected for their strong backgrounds in primary production under the co-operative model. They support participants to develop or grown co-operative farming models.


This project is funded by the Australian Government under the Starting Farm Co-operatives Program. We are also working closely with industry and educational service providers to deliver this project.


Discover how co-operatives are helping to future proof Australian farmers, fishers and foresters. More stories coming soon.


Search for reports, toolkits, videos, templates and manuals to learn about, set up, and run a co-operative or mutual business.

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Keep up to date with the latest on farmer, fisher and fisher co-operatives and mutuals in Australia as well as the Co-operative Farming project.

Who owns the organisation? In a co-operative, it is the member, the patron. In a non-co-operative it would be a shareholder. What does that mean? Well, if a member owns the organisation, he will have a different objective function than will a shareholder. A shareholder will want a return on his investment. The member will want a return on his investment at home. He or she will want the co-operative to do well, but the primary objective is to enhance his or her socio-economic wellbeing.

Prof. Michael L Cook