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13 May 2021
Meet the Co-op Farmers is the new podcast series telling the real stories from the farming frontline

A candid new podcast series is telling the candid stories and adventures of Australian farmers transforming their businesses by working together.

14 April 2021
Macadamia co-operative in huge Queensland expansion

Aussie macadamia growers working together in a co-operative have announced they are expanding their joint operations in Queensland, creating 40 new jobs.

08 April 2021
Master Butchers Co-op launches innovative SA apprentice incentive

The Master Butchers Co-operative (MBL) will this month launch the MBL Apprentice Incentive Scheme to help their members bring new apprentices into the industry.

16 February 2021
Nutting it out: Local farmers attend workshops

Representatives from Co-operative Farming were in town last week to talk to local growers and dairy farmers about agribusiness opportunities through the co-operative model, with a look to growing the industries in Myrtleford and beyond.

12 February 2021
Why this farming model could help future-proof Australia’s farms

The co-operative farming model has proved itself to be the most resilient in the tough times that agriculture has faced, and farms across the country are reaping the benefits.

27 November 2020
Co-operative Council fielding record inquiries

Business Council for Co-operatives and Mutuals (BCCM) has released information about the huge contribution that the 24,000 family farm co-operative farmers make to the Australian economy.

20 November 2020
Celebrating agricultural co-operatives on National Ag Day

Farmer-owned agricultural co-operatives are celebrating National Agriculture Day today.

20 November 2020
National Agriculture Day – celebrate the contribution co-operative farmers make to the economy

On National Agriculture Day, the Business Council for Co-operatives and Mutuals (BCCM) acknowledges the huge contribution that the 24,000 family farm co-operative farmers make to the Australian economy.

04 November 2020
NFF, Littleproud weigh in on foreign ownership of Australian food brands

Australia’s peak farming body does not see issue with our iconic food brands becoming foreign-owned, while our Agriculture Minister would prefer they all remained in Australian hands.

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