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16 September 2020
The amazing world of our thriving co-operatives, especially in the regions
Business schools don’t teach it, but co-operatives can be a boon for regional communities. Many checking out what towns such as Yackandandah in Victoria has done to save its local garage and later install community based solar, and they’re following suit.
28 August 2020
ABC Radio: Co-operative model for farms as part of COVID recovery
Pre-recorded interview with Melina Morrison, CEO, Business Council of Co-operatives and Mutuals by Melanie Groves, ABC Radio.
18 August 2020
Now is our chance to build back better for regional Australia. Co-ops and mutuals can play a leading role
Business Council of Co-operatives and Mutuals CEO Melina Morrison looks at how air travel and local news could benefit from a little more cooperation and shares examples from Canada on what this could look like.
14 August 2020
The British Co-op and the World 3: The CWS ‘Down Under’ Part One – Australia
The Australian Business Council for Co-operatives and Mutuals maintains close links with the British movement, and there is a steady exchange of ideas and collaboration.
07 August 2020
Community ownership: Melina Morrison on ABC Radio
The Cootamundra community is exploring the option of setting up a community co-operative.
06 August 2020
Experts: Co-operative farming model can protect Aussie agribusiness during pandemic
Interest in co-operative farming is increasing with experts crediting some of the rise to the impact of the coronavirus pandemic, as more farmers seek collaborative agribusiness models in order to future-proof their farms.
05 August 2020
Three new online courses available for Australian farmers, fishers and foresters
Ethical Fields and the Business Council of Co-operatives and Mutual (BCCM) are hosting a series of courses for Australian farmers, fishers and foresters, focusing on some of the key challenges and opportunities in the agricultural space.
15 July 2020
Co-operation is key to Getting Australia Growing: Fiona Simson’s address to the National Press Club
The Business Council of Co-operatives and Mutuals (BCCM) welcomes the vision outlined by National Farmers’ Federation (NFF) president Fiona Simson today for a regionalisation and regional manufacturing-led recovery, but warns that value could leak from regions where local ownership and corporate diversity is not preserved.
03 July 2020
Co-operative ag talks
Co-operative Conversations is a new 10-episode, online education resource for farmers running fortnightly until October 23.
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