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28 June 2020
Co-operative Conversations: Meet the farmers future-proofing Australia
Join renowned journalist Pete Lewis as he interviews agribusiness experts and primary producers about their adventures in agriculture and the future of farming. In July, he’s exploring three very different farming co-operatives. 
16 June 2020
Queensland’s homegrown co-operative businesses get overdue legislative boost
The national peak body for co-operatives, Business Council of Co-operatives and Mutuals (BCCM) welcomes historic new laws for Queensland’s co-operative businesses. The passing of the Co-operatives National Law Bill 2020 by the Queensland Parliament today has brought to fruition a nationally-harmonised scheme of legislation regulating co-operatives Australia-wide.
01 June 2020
COVID 19: Available support for co-operatives and mutuals
BCCM is working hard to support co-operatives and mutuals as they work to remain resilient to disruption caused by COVID-19 (coronavirus). Our work ensures that the interests of co-operatives and mutuals continue to be represented in a challenging business landscape. We’ve been hearing many stories about how businesses are supporting communities to cope during these.
21 May 2020
Co-operative conversations – new series hears the real stories from the farming frontline
A candid new series featuring leading primary producers will address some of the biggest issues in farming and put forward solutions aimed at future proofing Australian family farms. Farmers, fishers and other primary producers are known for their resilience, but in the last few years they have faced unprecedented challenges: drought, fires, floods, global commodity.
10 May 2020
Bushfires: Support available for co-operatives and mutuals
The national and international co-operative and mutual family supported communities impacted by the bushfire crisis that devastated much of our country. We are a community of enterprises committed to co-operation and mutual support. Throughout this crisis, we will continue to work together to support each other and our community. Many co-operatives and mutuals are already.
21 April 2020
Time to rethink manufacturing with co-ops
Where some people see disaster, others see the opportunity to learn and strengthen their position. That’s what Business Council of Co-operatives and Mutual (BCCM) chief executive officer Melina Morrison hopes Australia’s agricultural industry will do in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. Read full article, Time to rethink manufacturing with co-ops, Farm Weekly, 14 April 2020
08 April 2020
BCCM CEO speaks on Rural Queensland Today radio
BCCM CEO Melina Morrison spoke on radio show Rural Queensland Today, discussing the new Co-operative Farming Project:
31 March 2020
New hotline to support farmers to start co-operatives
The Business Council of Co-operatives and Mutual (BCCM) is today launching the Co-operative Farming Hotline, to support Australian farmers, fishers and foresters to work together to establish and grow farm co-operatives. The hotline service will operate Monday to Friday (9am to 5pm) on 1300 665 174. The Co-operative Farming project provides farmers with information and resources to.