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26 July 2021
Farming co-op’s soaring success

The Northern Territory’s biggest date farm has recorded a bumper harvest.

19 July 2021
Film strikes a chord with Aussies

Farmers around Australia are banding together to form new forms of co-operatives that preserve the benefits of the family farm in the face of growing corporatisation and value extraction.

19 July 2021
National attention drives local business

The documentary that’s educating more Australians about a little-known business model in Victoria’s Myrtleford and Alpine regions is driving more business to the area.

16 June 2021
North east fightback farmers build dairy co-op for next generation

About five years ago, dairy farmers Stuart Crosthwaite and Teresa Hicks were stressed as the disintegration of Murray Goulburn Milk threatened their livelihood.

11 June 2021
Airdate: Fightback Farmers: Feeding Australia Together

A documentary special showcasing Australian co-operative farmers and fishers screens next week on ABC.

10 June 2021
Limestone Coast Lobster fisherman Craig Reilly in new doco

Limestone Coast lobster fisherman, Craig ‘Slim’ Reilly, will feature in a new documentary on ABC, hitting Australia’s screens on June 15.

09 June 2021
Co-operative Farming: June 2021 news

We’re delighted that farming and fishing co-op stories are hitting the mainstream with a new ABC Documentary Fightback Farmers: Feeding Australia Together.  

08 June 2021
ABC documentary celebrates Australia’s co-op farmers

An innovative new documentary celebrating and showcasing Australian co-operative farmers and fishers is set to hit TV screens soon.

06 June 2021
Education about co-operative structures will help farmers reduce risk: Report

A new study has recommended increased education in the agricultural sector about the use of CMEs (co-operative and mutual enterprises) and ICMEs (insurance providing co-operative and mutual enterprises).

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