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27 October 2022
Co-operative Farming: October 2022 news

Over the past year, the second season of our Meet the Co-op Farmers podcast has offered a fascinating look into the world of farming, fishing and forestry co-operatives, as well as the co-ops and mutuals that work alongside primary producers.

28 September 2022
Co-operative Farming: September 2022 news

The BCCM has launched its policy blueprint for the Victorian election calling on political parties to commit to measures to support the growth of co-ops and mutuals in the State.

25 August 2022
Co-operative Farming: August 2022 news

In this month’s podcast, we hear about the co-op helping to create an Australian-owned processing facility for locally grown produce.

28 July 2022
Co-operative Farming: July 2022 news

In this month’s podcast, we again focus on one of the leading co-operatives in the flood-ravaged Northern Rivers region of NSW – The Casino Food Co-operative.

23 June 2022
Co-operative Farming: June 2022 news

The Northern Rivers region of NSW is no stranger to floods. But this resilient community has been stretched to breaking point this year, with record-breaking floods reaching heights beyond what anyone had ever imagined.

07 June 2022
Co-operative Farming: May 2022 news

When the town of Sea Lake was left with no local pub, the community took matters into their own hands, renovating a derelict building and opening The Royal as the Sea Lake Hotel Co-operative Limited.

28 April 2022
Co-operative Farming: April 2022 news

Discover why co-ops give small farmers a voice and can empower them to collectively address sustainability challenges impacting their businesses and the wider community.

23 March 2022
Co-operative Farming: March 2022 news

Across Australia we have been shocked and dismayed by the recent flood disaster in Queensland and New South Wales.

25 February 2022
Co-operative Farming: February 2022 news

In this Meet the Co-op Farmers episode we discover the bank that’s well-known globally as the world’s biggest agricultural bank – Rabobank Australia.