Online learning

Co-operative Farming provides access to a wide range of online learning options to enable you to undertake self-paced learning. This means you can complete learning where and when it’s convenient for you.

This selection includes newly created courses for Australian agricultural communities from Ethical Fields, as well as recent online modules from Farming Together (Southern Cross University).

From October we will have a full range of online modules from BCCM.

Online courses

Beyond Bushfires: Co-operative bushfire recovery online course available for Australian farmers, fishers and foresters

Ethical Fields and the Business Council of Co-operatives and Mutual (BCCM) is hosting Beyond Bushfires: Co-operative bushfire recovery for Australian farmers, fishers and foresters, focusing on some of the key challenges and opportunities in the agricultural space.

The program will be facilitated by experts in the agricultural and co-operative sectors.

As part of the Co-operative Farming project, BCCM is providing access to educational bursaries to cover 90% of the cost of this series for farmers, fishers and foresters who are interested in co-operatives, or currently engaged within a co-operative. If you are eligible for a bursary, this reduces the cost to you from $550 to $55 (GST inclusive). Learn more about the bursary program.

Beyond Bushfires: Co-operative bushfire recovery

A 6-week (one session per week) of online learning

Dates: Postponed until October 2020

Recommended for: Co-ops, not-for-profits focused on bushfire recovery and community groups.

Course content: Looking at post-bushfire challenges and opportunities, business resilience and recovery, and applying learning from bushfires to potential future challenges.

Learn to use collaborative online tools to create better outcomes for your business and the community.

Expressions of interest

Co-operatives and mutuals strategic development program (CMSDP) with Professor Tim Mazzarol

This online course delivered in an intensive format over three weeks focuses on what sets co-operative and mutual businesses apart from other business types, and provides critical insights into key strategic focus areas. This six module virtual program applies theory and industry best practice to the organisational realities of the participants. The program will focus on the sustainability, performance, and resilience of co-operative and mutual organisations.

Modules include:

  • Understanding the co-operative and mutual business models
  • Governance and leadership in member-owned businesses
  • Marketing the co-operative advantage
  • Financing co-operative and mutual businesses
  • Legislative structures and their impact on co-operative and mutual enterprises.

This is one of the leading CME Executive Training courses available in Australia. Delivered online by the Australian Institute of Management Western Australia (AIM WA) and the University of Western Australia Business School. This program is facilitated by Professor Tim Mazzarol who is a world expert in the cooperative and mutual sector. Tim is a highly skilled and engaging facilitator.

As part of the Co-operative Farming project, BCCM is providing access to educational bursaries to cover 90% of the cost of this course for farmers, fishers and foresters who are interested in co-operatives, or currently engaged within a co-operative. Learn more about the bursary program and access the application form.

Duration: Six virtual sessions, 2.5 hours per session

Dates: 13 October – 29 October 2020, 5pm-7:30pm AEDT

Days: Tuesdays and Thursdays

Cost: $880 (inc GST) for 15 hours of online learning

Subsidised cost: $88 (inc GST) – 90% of the cost covered by the Co-operative Farming project

Recommended for: For current or aspiring; board members, CEOs and their direct reports, and senior leaders who have, or will have, a strategic role in their business.

More information: Download brochure

Next steps

The Co-operative Farming educational bursary reduces the cost to $88 (inc GST). All you need to do is

  1. Complete the online application form
  2. Look out for your email confirming acceptance and provision of promotional code
  3. Jump online, use the code and register directly online through AIMWA.
Co-operative Farming online modules

BCCM is developing a range of succinct online modules at the foundational and intermediate levels, that serve as the starting point to begin your co-operative education journey. The core topics are:

  • Introduction to co-operatives
  • Membership
  • Business planning
  • Governance
  • Financial reporting
  • Capital and fundraising

Coming late September. Sign up to the Co-operative Farming e-newsletter via the subscription form at the very bottom of this page to be informed of the online modules launch.

Farming Together’s online training modules developed and hosted by Southern Cross University

Farming Together’s online courses aim to develop collaborative understanding in Australian agriculture. Their first course aims to help people understand the variety of collaborative models, particularly co-operatives, prior to formation. It is designed for farming groups and consultants and is currently open for free to the public.

Register for free to complete the Farming Together online courses.

Co-operative College eLearning courses

The Co-operative College has partnered with Upskill People to develop eLearning programs for many different co-operatives and mutuals, from convenience stores and community shops, pubs and cafes, to football clubs, care co-operatives and worker co-operatives.