Co-operative education and training

Knowledge has always been shared between farmers, passed across generations and within communities.

The Co-operative Farming project builds on this legacy, creating a central hub of information developed to guide and deepen understanding of the co-operative business model and how it works within an Australian agricultural context.

As well as providing direct online education, including courses, workshops, training and resources, we are also helping participants access learning at partner institutions and providers through educational bursaries for co-operative education and relevant training for co-operatives and collaborative business models.

The aim is to support learning at all levels within Australia’s agricultural communities. Even the most seasoned farmers can take this opportunity to extend their skills and knowledge, building upon their experience and expertise.

All courses are assessed at one of four levels to indicate to prospective learners the knowledge, skills and ability each course requires. (Note: These levels are not linked specifically to the level of formal education attained or formal qualifications achieved; they are provided as informal guidance to help prospective learners determine their educational needs based on their understanding of the co-operative business model.)

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