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NSW Department of Primary Industries
Agriculture COVID toolkit

This toolkit contains adaptable communication materials about: being COVID Safe, mentally healthy workplaces, changes to border permits for agricultural workers, social tiles, workspace signage and Indigenous community content.

Co-operative Farming: Blueprint for future proofing Aussie farmers

This report highlights thriving agricultural co-operative businesses, focusing on how co-operatives are good for farmers, fishers and foresters; regional Australia; and Australia.

Government Co-operative Loan Schemes in Australia

This fact sheet covers: What are co-operative loans, are you an eligible organisation, what’s on offer in your State and examples of co-operative loans in action.

Co-operative Conversations Series

The candid conversation series speaks frankly with farmers who are successfully using co-operative farming business models. Through their stories and real life experiences, you will learn how relevant and positive it can be to the farming model and farming in general, and how it literally changes lives. 18 episodes to watch.

Per Capita for BCCM
Disability Inclusion in the Cooperatives and Mutuals Sector in Australia Report

This report is the outcome of a six-month collaborative project to explore ways in which businesses in the CME sector in Australia can position themselves as ‘employers of choice’ for people with disabilities, and meaningfully increase their engagement and support of employees who live with disabilities.

COVID-19: Resources for your business

Recommendations and guidance for responding to the economic impacts of the coronavirus pandemic.

The Hive
Narrative reporting

An overview of narrative reporting: demonstrating the holistic value generated by co-operatives (UK source).

Co-operatives UK
Key performance indicators: A framework and guidance for co-operatives

A comprehensive guide to help co-operatives select financial and non-financial performance indicators most appropriate to them (UK source).

Financial performance measures

An exposition of common metrics and financial performance indicators for co-operatives.

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