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Primary producer co-operatives: The beating heart of community resilience and recovery

This report, commissioned by the BCCM, looks at four case studies around Australia where a local co-operative has been the backbone of community resilience and recovery following disaster.

Marketing an offer

Step-by-step guide for co-operatives to create and implement an offer-specific marketing plan.

Farming Together, Clare Fountain from Sorted
The 3-Step Succession Planning Tool

Step-by-step approach to mapping your future wants and needs and assist you in planning for you and your farm’s future.

Farming Together
Collaborating with Carbon webinars

What is required to make money from carbon farming and biodiversity stewardship programs.

University of Newcastle
Developing a pedagogy for co-operative education in Australia

Recommendations on the need for co-operative educational framework in Australia. Co-operative Farming has used this report for its Educational and Accreditation Framework.

University of Newcastle
Learning on the go

Identifying barriers and opportunities for the formation and development of agricultural co-operatives in Australia.

Business Victoria
How to write a business plan

Business planning is the key to business success. It helps you get finance, gives you control and direction and helps you set priorities. This video takes you through eight steps to build and revise your business plan.

Farming Together
Farming Together’s webinar series

Farming Together is providing you the opportunity to learn more about Collaborative Business Solutions in Farming, Fishing and Forestry via its new webinar series. Find out how collaborative business solutions can help address some of today’s biggest challenges. Working collaboratively, farmers can experience greater control of the supply chain, create economies of scale, build resilience.

BCCM, University of Western Australia
2020 National Mutual Economy Report – Australia’s Top 100 CMEs

Produced annually in conjunction with the University of Western Australia, the National Mutual Economy (NME) Report maps the size, reach and contribution of the co-operative and mutual sector.

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