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Government Co-operative Loan Schemes in Australia
This fact sheet covers: What are co-operative loans, are you an eligible organisation, what’s on offer in your State and examples of co-operative loans in action.
Co-operative Conversations episode 1
Hosted by renowned agricultural journalist Pete Lewis, the candid conversation begins with co-op leaders, agricultural experts and primary producers from Australia and overseas debating and discussing the future of farming and if the co-operative model could be an option to future proof our home-grown agribusinesses. What are the situations where co-operatives work and what does it.
Per Capita for BCCM
Disability Inclusion in the Cooperatives and Mutuals Sector in Australia Report
This report is the outcome of a six-month collaborative project to explore ways in which businesses in the CME sector in Australia can position themselves as ‘employers of choice’ for people with disabilities, and meaningfully increase their engagement and support of employees who live with disabilities.
COVID-19: Resources for your business
Recommendations and guidance for responding to the economic impacts of the coronavirus pandemic.
The Hive
Narrative reporting
An overview of narrative reporting: demonstrating the holistic value generated by co-operatives (UK source).
Co-operatives UK
Key performance indicators: A framework and guidance for co-operatives
A comprehensive guide to help co-operatives select financial and non-financial performance indicators most appropriate to them (UK source).
Financial performance measures
An exposition of common metrics and financial performance indicators for co-operatives.
Queensland Government
Reporting for co-operatives
A brief run down of the requirements for financial reporting by co-operatives under Queensland Law.
Farming Together, BCCM
Farming Together Co-op Builder
The Farming Together Co-op Builder is a step-by-step tool to help farming groups to prepare the essential legal documents required to form a co-operative structure.