Co-operative Farming

Future proofing Aussie farmers, fishers and foresters

Co-operative Farming is designed to support farmers, fishers and foresters through the formation of new farming co-operatives and to foster the resilience and growth of developing farming co-operatives, including those formed under the Farm Co-operatives and Collaboration Pilot Program (Farming Together).

Co-operative Farming raises awareness about how co-operatives support farmers and fishers and agricultural industries. The program provides education, information and support for the formation of co-operatives in farming, fishing and forestry.

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BCCM CEO Melina Morrison, on could co-operative farming future proof Australian farmers?

“At the moment we’re really thinking a lot about food security, we’re thinking about supply chain resilience, and this new term or perhaps it’s an old term, sovereign capacity. And that’s our ability to be able to produce things that are 100% Aussie owned. They’re rooted in their original economies, and they bring the strengths of smaller players together. That’s really the advantage, particularly in an area like farming where you’re trying to smooth out the good and the bad times to make it more profitable and sustainable to be a farmer.”

Extracted from Co-operative Conversations, Episode 1