Capital Builder

The Capital Builder is a free resource for co-operatives that are thinking about raising new funds.

It is suggested that you commence in Part 1 to learn about the different sources of funding for co-operatives and how they contribute to the overall capital profile.

Part 2 –is a practical guide to preparing the business case for any fundraising project. For co-operatives thinking of offering securities, the Term Sheets that help you design or structure securities are in this Part.

Part 3 – has the regulatory roadmap – what approvals and processes are required for member offers and public offers – and a guided drafting tool for the disclosure document.

References to legislation in the Capital Builder are references to uniform legislation under the Co-operatives National Law scheme. The Co-operatives National Law will commence in Queensland on 1 December, 2020. Co-operatives registered in Queensland will need to update their rules to permit the offer of Co-operative Capital Units. You can contact the BCCM for assistance in updating rules under the Co-operatives National Law

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Part 1 – Sources of Funding

Co-operatives can source funding for their project in a variety of ways.

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Part 2 – The Business Case

Decide how to fund the project through developing a business case.

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Part 3 – Offers

Draft a disclosure statement to offer debentures or CCUs.

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