BCCM says Fonterra sale another blow for Australian dairy farmers

17 May 2024

“The announcement by Fonterra that it intends to sell its Australian dairy processing assets is yet another blow to dairy farmers and a reminder about the precarious nature of our food security when staples like milk are passed around like commodities. This move, if it results in greater concentration of ownership of Australian dairy assets, will impact not only farmers but also consumers at the supermarket checkout.” …

… “A better prospect to preserve this vital industry is for primary producers to be more involved in the value chain to make dairy production a success and to make it profitable to farm. Co-operatives are the only way, in a largely deregulated and export-oriented industry like Australia’s, that dairy farmers can achieve a measure of bargaining power.”

Read the full article, BCCM says Fonterra sale another blow for Australian dairy farmers, Scoop NZ, 17 May 2024

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