Co-operative Farming: November 2020 news

02 December 2020

Co-operative Farming is your one-stop-shop for advice and support to start, grow and run a farming, fishing or forestry co-op, as well as great free tools and resources easily available online.

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Is a Co-op Right For Us?
The Co-operative Farming program can deliver this virtual workshop for producer groups. If you are part of a group that are looking to learn more about the potential benefits of co-op structures, including sharing infrastructure or shared marketing/distribution, this two hour workshop will help guide the decision on whether to proceed with further exploration of the co-op model. Get in touch to find out more.

Apply for an educational bursary
It’s easy to apply for a 90% educational bursary for the following courses in 2021:

FREE Co-operative Foundations course online
The ideal course about the benefits and key features of co-operative businesses. You can complete at your own pace online.

Lane’s legacy – Co-op to remain in growers’ hands
More than $50 million in capital upgrades, including an expansion into New South Wales and the addition of a value-adding plant in Renmark, are some of the highlights from Simon Lane’s tenure as chairman of the Almondco Australia board. Simon is one of our Co-operative Farming envoys and is supporting an agricultural co-operative as a mentor through Co-operative Farming.

Growing appetite for plant-based meat substitutes brings opportunity for Australia’s grain, oilseeds and pulse sector
Latest research from Rabobank Australia.

BCCM has been fielding record inquiries about the Co-operative Farming program
​​​​​“In the middle of a pandemic, after years of really tough farming conditions, we are still fielding inquiries from farmers wanting to start businesses. In fact, we’ve fielded 80 calls in the last couple of months from farmers wanting to set up a co-op,” said BCCM CEO Melina Morrison.

Farming Together’s free webinar series
You can learn more about collaborative business solutions in farming, fishing and forestry via Farming Together’s webinar series

Co-operative Conversations series
There are 18 separate episodes of Co-operative Conversations available for you to watch on demand, anywhere, any time.

Co-op Builder and Co-operatives National Law
On 16 June, Queensland Parliament passed the Co-operatives National Law Bill 2020 (CNL), which will introduce the national harmonised co-ops legislation in Queensland and replace the Cooperatives Act 1997. We have updated the Co-op Builder on the Co-operative Farming website to reflect this change for Queensland-based co-operatives. This update will automatically apply to new constitutions and disclosure statements. If you have already started a document, and are in Queensland, please contact to have your data transferred.

Spotlight on… Marquis Macadamias

Marquis Macadamias is wholly owned by over 180 macadamia grower-shareholders in NSW and Queensland and is the largest and most successful macadamia processor in the world. Watch a Co-operative Conversations interview with Larry McHugh, CEO of Marquis Macadamias (30 minutes).

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