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Co-operative Conversations episode 1
17 June 2020 Online
There has never been a more important time to come together and explore ways to protect Australia’s farming businesses and communities, and the huge contribution they make to supply, biosecurity and the economy. Farmers and other primary producers are known for their resilience, but in the last few years they have faced unprecedented business challenges: natural disasters, drought, fires, floods, COVID-19, issues highlighted in the Banking Royal Commission, navigating geopolitical trade disruptions, or the problem of raising working capital without ‘selling the farm’.
Co-operative Conversations episode 2 part 1: interview
1 July 2020 Online
The Mountain Milk Co-operative: After the collapse and then demutualisation of the Murray Goulburn Co-operative, a group of Victorian dairy farmers wanted to secure the future of their community by working together in a co-operative business model. Today, the Mountain Milk Co-operative is proud to be one of Australia’s newest dairy businesses.
Co-operative Conversations episode 2 part 2: roundtable
1 July 2020 Online
Why do some co-operatives succeed while others fail? Join journalist Pete Lewis and our farmer panel as they discuss and explore the conditions and events that impact the rise and fall of agricultural co-operatives.
Co-operative Conversations episode 3 part 1: interview
8 July 2020 Online
This is the story of a group of dedicated Aussie farmers who joined together to become the world’s largest macadamia processing company. Co-operative Conversations host and renowned agricultural journalist Pete Lewis talks to Marquis Macadamias CEO Larry McHugh about their fascinating farming journey on the far north coast of Australia, as well as their recent rebranding and consolidation experience and how they managed to add value, profitability and resilience to farm incomes with advanced food manufacturing.
Co-operative Conversations episode 3 part 2: roundtable
8 July 2020 Online
How the co-operatives add value: maximising produce and the food manufacturing supply chain. Journalist Pete Lewis and our farmer panel discuss and explore how maximising their produce into marketable products can transform producers from price takers to price makers.
Co-operative Conversations episode 4 part 1: interview
15 July 2020 Online
Despite the cyclones and the geographic isolation, Sweeter Banana has not only pioneered the lunchbox banana market, it has remained profitable by sticking together and thinking differently. Renowned agricultural journalist and host Pete Lewis talks to Doriana Mangili, Business Manager of The Sweeter Banana Cooperative.
Co-operative Conversations: episode 4 part 2: roundtable
15 July 2020 Online
One of the things a co-operative can do is unite a community or collective of producers to work together to overcome adversity. We speak with four different horticultural co-operatives about the challenges that brought them together in the first place and how they have used co-operation to mutual benefit.
CME Collaboration in the wake of COVID19 webinar
30 July 2020 Online
This webinar is a call to action for co-operatives and mutuals to collaborate and innovate as the economy evolves in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic.
Co-operative Conversations episode 5 part 1: interview
12 August 2020 Online
Securing our bread bowl – safeguarding growers through collective efficiency. Follow the journey of a farmer who has grown from member to Deputy Chair for one of Australia’s largest co-operatives. Co-operative Bulk Handling, or CBH, is Australia’s largest co-operative and one of the nation’s biggest agribusinesses, exporting the grain of 4,000 West Aussie farmers.
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