The British Co-op and the World 3: The CWS ‘Down Under’ Part One – Australia

14 August 2020

On 15 April 1895, William Nuttall, an English emigrant to southern Australia wrote to Benjamin Jones of the London Branch of the Co-operative Wholesale Society, congratulating him on the publication of his book Co-operative Production. Such was Nuttall’s reputation as an active co-operator before he left the UK, that the letter was published in the Co-operative News. It revealed that Nuttall was looking to the British co-operative movement to help him promote agricultural co-operation in Victoria, both through CWS buying Australian produce, and through providing expertise and advice

The Australian Business Council for Co-operatives and Mutuals maintains close links with the British movement, and there is a steady exchange of ideas and collaboration. Whether in a post Brexit world commercial ties between the British and Australian movements can be rebuilt remains to be seen, not least given the distances involved.

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