Rohan Clarke

Rohan has 20 years’ experience in investment banking and 10 years’ experience in community development. He has worked with a range of organisations to engage their communities and solve their funding needs through leveraging measurable benefits to unlock government, philanthropic and impact investment.

Rohan is an expert in applying new platform technologies for growing co-operatives. He is Chair of the BCCM Platform Coop Taskforce, Co-Founder of, Geddup and FairBnB Australia.

Rohan has worked with a range of farming cooperatives involved in organics, grain, beef, and hemp and with regional development organisations tasked with growing investment in local communities. His specialties include business plan development, forming co-operatives, engaging and aligning stakeholders and members, and structuring and raising the capital required to deliver growth.

Dr Elena Limnios

Dr Elena Limnios is an expert in Cooperative and Mutual Enterprise (CME) business models, governance, member engagement and finance. She has also co-developed and delivered Executive Leadership courses for CMEs through the Australian Institute of Management WA.

Elena holds a Masters in Engineering, an MBA and a PhD in organisational resilience metrics, the latter from UWA, where she served as Assistant Professor until 2017.

She is an experienced consultant in Strategy and Organisational change, and is a co-founder of a boutique property development and project management consulting business. She has business interests in diverse industries including real estate and property development, medical tourism, mining and education. And is an experienced board member and board advisor for member-owned enterprises, government entities and social enterprises.

Andrew Ward

Andrew Ward was raised in and around Moree (NSW) and now lives on the NSW Central Coast. Andrew has worked on various agriculture projects involving regenerative agriculture, holistic management / lanned grazing, co-operative brewing facilities, high tech vegetable processing and agricultural robotics.

He is also the treasurer of the New Economy Network of Australian (NENA) and co-founder and Director of He is also an independent director of the Crowd Funding Institute of Australia (CFIA).

Andrew is available to assist you with forming your co-operative, inluding communicating the business model and benefits to potential stakeholders, engaging members, business planning, financial management and reporting and performance measurement. He can also provide guidence on fundraising and farm advocacy, including supporting co-operatives to access capital.

Michael Pilbrow

Michael Pilbrow lives and works in the Yass Valley, NSW. Michael is a passionate advocate for rural and regional Australia, having served as President of the Yass Valley Business Chamber and his Yass-based business winning Outstanding Employer of Choice Award for the Far South Coast Region in the NSW Business Awards.

Michael has 16 years’ experience in supporting cooperative development. Michael co-founded the National Health Cooperative, Australia’s largest primary health-care co-operative, with around 32,000 active members. Michael has supported co-operative development and advised consumer and producer groups across a range of sectors in regional Australia, including aged care, childcare, sport and agriculture.

Through his consultancy business, Michael helps clients develop strategies, engage with communities and members, prepare for adverse events and strengthen governance. Recent clients include a rural council, a rural village association, a regional business group and the CSIRO.

Moira Were

Based in South Australia, Moira has expertise in providing support to those working in regional Australia, particular when it comes to the formation of co-operatives. She is the founder of the Hen House Coop, a Director of Scope Global and a Director of Ethical Fields.

She has experience in assisting with member engagement, reporting and governance development, business model development and impact measurement. She has  extensive strategic and operational experience in the not-for-profit community sector and in government at state, regional, national & international levels. Moira received an Australian honour in 2019 (AM) for her significant service to the community of South Australia.

Moira is passionate about inclusion, diversity and alignment with Sustainable Development Goals, bringing this perspective to the development of governance, engagement and reporting for impact.

Trish Ridsdale

Trish Ridsdale is an experienced Chair, director, director educator and consultant to boards and executive teams in the areas of strategy, risk, corporate governance, organisation performance and executive coaching.

She has extensive experience in the co-operative sector having served on co-operative boards for the past fifteen years and over the past twenty years, consulted for both start-up and established co-operatives in the areas of corporate governance, strategy development and risk management. Many of these were farming co-operatives.

She is serving on two co-operative Boards: as an independent NED of the Rapid Group Ltd, a leading cleaning and hygiene distribution business operating throughout Australia and New Zealand,  and as interim Chair of Go Vita Group Ltd, the largest health food group in Australia.

She has previously been on the Board of Travellers Choice Ltd, a significant player in the retail travel sector, for thirteen years and served as Chairman for eleven of those.

Trish is the founder and managing director of consultancy firm Board Business, which provides strategy, risk, corporate governance, and executive coaching services to organisations across Australia and New Zealand.

She has been an Australian Institute of Company Directors (AICD) education facilitator since 1996 and a Fellow since 2010.

She has also served on boards in the mining, manufacturing, civil construction, arts, tourism and health research sectors.

Peter Cooke

Peter’ began his career farming in the Great Southern of WA in the mid ‘70s, which led to his appointment as CEO of grower-based organisation, the Kondinin Group, from 1988-97.

In 1997 Peter established an agricultural and information management consultancy Agknowledge, specialising in the development of agribusiness management. The business has a reputation for bringing clarity and depth of thinking to complex strategic situations and for identifying viable strategic pathways that will build long-term value.

Since 2000, Peter has been engaged in a range of board positions, including Landcorp, the WA government’s property development arm, and Landgate, the spatial information department. He has also served on the boards of not-for-profit agricultural industry and sporting organisations and several family farm boards.

With 20 years of consultancy work and an understanding of both the financial and regulatory sides of doing business, Peter is well equipped to deal with the challenges that come with managing agricultural projects.

Patten Bridge

Patten is an experienced dairy and agricultural industries consultant based in North East Victoria. He has a passion for rural and regional Australia and has worked extensively in the areas of industry sustainability, farm succession/farm transition, strategic planning, change management, farmer cooperatives, workforce development, and natural resource management. 

He has a strong understanding of the issues facing the future of agriculture from an economic, community and environmental perspective. 

Patten is highly regarded as an innovative and progressive thinker around development and change for rural and regional Australia and has played a key role in the establishment of the Mountain Milk Co-operative in North East Victoria. His experience with co-operatives involves strategic and business planning, co-operative establishment and management, and member value creation.

Trent Bartlett

Trent has over 30 years of Board and CEO-level leadership experience​ in consumer-facing ASX listed public​ companies, large private companies, not-for-profit and for-purpose organisations.

He has worked across a wide range of industries including retail, exporting, manufacturing, automotive, banking, financial services, business services, insurance, travel, tourism, residential construction, agribusiness, packaging logistics and disability services.

His speciality is in customer-centric and member-owned and governed businesses, and he holds a number of current positions including Independent Professional Director of Co-operative​ Bulk​ Handling Group (CBH). He is also involved in the governance of a number of other co-operative and mutual organisations including Travellers Choice and Beyond Bank.

Kerry Anderson

Kerry is a businesswoman and community advocate from Central Victoria. Passionate about rural and regional Australia, she is committed to changing the conversation from job seeking to job creation.

Kerry works with industry groups and rural communities across Australia, facilitating authentic and relevant conversations focused on embracing change and seeking out new opportunities. She has worked with timber, rice, wheat and livestock producers to engage with co-operative and collaborative business models.

Since 2013 Kerry has led the highly innovative Operation Next Gen and Be Your Own Boss programs working with rural towns and secondary schools to engage with young people and encourage entrepreneurs.

As a thought leader Kerry frequently represents the region at national and international forums and is invited to present at conferences here and overseas.

In recognition of her extensive networks, knowledge, and passion for rural communities, Kerry was appointed to the Regional Development Australia Loddon Mallee Committee between 2012 and 2015.  From 2016 to 2018 she was an expert adviser to the National Farm Cooperatives Pilot Project.