Graeme Hay

Barrack Broking
0428 722 724
Business planning
Co-operative legal and governance

ABOUT Graeme Hay

Graeme has around 20 years of experience in risk management advisory and insurance consultancy. One of his areas of specialisation is the design and creation of discretionary mutuals as well as associated risk management strategies and insurance arrangements for co-operatives and member-based organisations.

Graeme has a strong commitment to building long term relationships founded upon trust, quality service, and, professional advice. He strives to be an advocate for the organisations he is working with in seeking the best possible insurance arrangements and also representing the organisations’ interests in the event of a claim.

Agriculture and regional business are key focus areas for Barrack Broking, which has worked with a range of businesses involved in poultry, livestock, fruit growing, agricultural investment, meat processing and exports, grain and milling, and wineries, to name a few. The organisation also has a strong regional focus and is currently completing an expansion into Central Western NSW.