Rohan Clarke

Rohan has 20 years’ experience in investment banking and 10 years’ experience in community development. He has worked with a range of organisations to engage their communities and solve their funding needs through leveraging measurable benefits to unlock government, philanthropic and impact investment.

Rohan is an expert in applying new platform technologies for growing co-operatives. He is Chair of the BCCM Platform Coop Taskforce, Co-Founder of, Geddup and FairBnB Australia.

Rohan has worked with a range of farming cooperatives involved in organics, grain, beef, and hemp and with regional development organisations tasked with growing investment in local communities. His specialties include business plan development, forming co-operatives, engaging and aligning stakeholders and members, and structuring and raising the capital required to deliver growth.

Andrew Ward

Andrew Ward was raised in and around Moree (NSW) and now lives on the NSW Central Coast. Andrew has worked on various agriculture projects involving regenerative agriculture, holistic management / lanned grazing, co-operative brewing facilities, high tech vegetable processing and agricultural robotics.

He is also the treasurer of the New Economy Network of Australian (NENA) and co-founder and Director of He is also an independent director of the Crowd Funding Institute of Australia (CFIA).

Andrew is available to assist you with forming your co-operative, inluding communicating the business model and benefits to potential stakeholders, engaging members, business planning, financial management and reporting and performance measurement. He can also provide guidence on fundraising and farm advocacy, including supporting co-operatives to access capital.

Antony McMullen

Antony is an expert co-operative developer committed to building local prosperity for the common good. His passion for good governance is recognised through his designation as Fellow of the Governance Institute of Australia.

He has worked with a range of rural, regional and farming communities in diverse areas including economic development (including Indigenous), food trails, orchards, beef and organics across Australia.

Antony co-drafted the BCCM Co-operative and Mutual Enterprise best-practice governance framework and he holds qualifications in social impact (social entrepreneurship), community development and co-operative leadership.

Through Co-operative Bonds, Antony provides education and development services to start-up co-operative and mutual enterprises designed to facilitate informed decision-making and self-reliance.

Antony has helped develop and co-found several co-operatives, serving on co-operatives boards as both Secretary and Chair, so he understands the benefits and challenges of the co-operative business model first hard.

Kevin Franey

Kevin is an audit and assurance partner at TNR with over 30 years’ experience in the provision of professional services to co-operatives and mutuals. During this time Kevin has played an active role servicing and supporting the co-operatives and mutuals sector.

Kevin provides a range of accounting, audit, risk management and advisory services, and is a member of the BCCM Accounting Advisory Group responsible for liaising with the Australian Accounting Standards Board on matters impacting co-operatives and mutuals.

He has expertise in the formation of co-operatives, risk management, financial and internal auditing, accounting, financial reporting and performance measurement.

Kevin is a chartered accountant, registered company auditor, certified internal auditor and risk management specialist.

Mark Ellem

Mark is a business services partner with over 20 years’ experience in the provision of professional services to co-operatives and mutuals. Mark services and supports a number of co-operatives and mutual, including through providing a range of accounting, business and taxation advisory services to co-operatives and mutuals. His specialist areas include business advisory and management, taxation advisory and planning, accounting and financial advisory, and co-operative formation.

Mark holds a Bachelor of Business (Accounting) and is a qualified chartered accountant and registered tax agent.

Doug Robertson

Doug is a corporate/commercial lawyer with many years experience as a partner at a number of Australia’s major national law firms.

Raised on a rural property in Victoria, Doug has always retained a keen interest in rural affairs , and has been recognised in the Best Lawyers in Australia for work in agriculture, rural affairs and corporate law.

Doug has acted for some of Australia’s most significant agribusiness organisations and primary producers involved in various sectors including  dairy, viticulture, afforestation, seeds, wool and meat. He also has over 25 years’ experience acting for Australian co-operatives (pure and hybrid) on capital structuring, governance and fundraising. He has  assisted these organisations to establish offshore ventures (including in South America and Asia).

Doug has also acted for some of Australia’s largest public research organisations involved in R&D projects directed towards Australian agriculture. Doug has presented many papers at various agribusiness, wine, and co-operative forums in both Australia and New Zealand.

Mark Love

Mark is a NSW Law Society Accredited Specialist in Business Law. As an experienced commercial lawyer and negotiator, his practice concentrates on the areas of contract and commercial law, corporate governance law, fundraising, insolvency and restructuring and intellectual property. Mark’s clients include a diverse array of private clients, government agencies, peak industry representative bodies, Co-operatives, chartered and CPA accountants, insolvency practitioners, corporate retailers and many others.

Mark is an expert in the requirements of the Corporations Act 2001 and additional obligations of transparency and accountability of Governmental bodies, as well as the range of other legislation that governs business entities in Australia.

Mark holds Bachelor of Laws and Bachelor of Economics from the ANU. He was admitted to practice in the ACT in 1986 and founded the practice that is BAL Lawyers today.

Peter Cooke

Peter’ began his career farming in the Great Southern of WA in the mid ‘70s, which led to his appointment as CEO of grower-based organisation, the Kondinin Group, from 1988-97.

In 1997 Peter established an agricultural and information management consultancy Agknowledge, specialising in the development of agribusiness management. The business has a reputation for bringing clarity and depth of thinking to complex strategic situations and for identifying viable strategic pathways that will build long-term value.

Since 2000, Peter has been engaged in a range of board positions, including Landcorp, the WA government’s property development arm, and Landgate, the spatial information department. He has also served on the boards of not-for-profit agricultural industry and sporting organisations and several family farm boards.

With 20 years of consultancy work and an understanding of both the financial and regulatory sides of doing business, Peter is well equipped to deal with the challenges that come with managing agricultural projects.

Trent Bartlett

Trent has over 30 years of Board and CEO-level leadership experience​ in consumer-facing ASX listed public​ companies, large private companies, not-for-profit and for-purpose organisations.

He has worked across a wide range of industries including retail, exporting, manufacturing, automotive, banking, financial services, business services, insurance, travel, tourism, residential construction, agribusiness, packaging logistics and disability services.

His speciality is in customer-centric and member-owned and governed businesses, and he holds a number of current positions including Independent Professional Director of Co-operative​ Bulk​ Handling Group (CBH). He is also involved in the governance of a number of other co-operative and mutual organisations including Travellers Choice and Beyond Bank.