Co-operative Farming: December 2022 news

07 December 2022

Co-operatives and Mutuals Declaration of Climate Action

The BCCM recently released the Co-operatives and Mutuals Declaration of Climate Action, a sector-wide initiative designed to facilitate co-operatives and mutual enterprises to come together to accelerate action towards tackling climate change. This declaration sets out how CMEs will respond to the net zero transition over the coming years and take advantage of the opportunities for prosperity from a low-carbon economy.

To support co-ops and mutuals with implementing the Declaration we have developed a world-first course on Sustainability Strategy for Co-operatives and Mutuals. This is an internationally accredited training program for co-ops and mutuals to develop sustainability plans for their organisations. Please note, generous early-bird concessions end on 16 December 2022.

BCCM Agricultural Co-operatives Roundtable

In the lead-up to the 2022 BCCM Leaders’ Summit, the BCCM hosted the inaugural member Agricultural Co-operatives Roundtable. In response to the growing significance of agriculture for BCCM members, and across the wider Australian economy, the BCCM created this opportunity for agricultural members large and small to come together formally for the first time.

Guest speaker Enrique de los Rios, CEO, Unica Group (Spain), joined in person and shared the significant member value and economic scale provided through their Spanish federation of agricultural co-operatives. This led to a discussion and sharing of topics of significance for the sector that the BCCM will now take up across its ongoing advocacy and awareness strategies.

Enrique also emphasised the importance of the foundational elements of quality, price and service, as well as size, innovation, marketing and sustainability. Change is inevitable and we do not know the future, but if we can solve problems as they appear we have better opportunities to survive. He also discussed the value of co-ops coming together as a federation to preserve their uniqueness while working together with other co-ops to achieve scale and influence.

Topics for future BCCM Agricultural Roundtables include:

  • The future of food security
  • Education on sustainable harvesting of proteins
  • Potential impacts on fisheries of offshore windfarms and carbon offsets
  • Challenges of hardening insurance markets
  • New capital raising
  • Governance
  • Access to labour markets
  • Affordable housing for workers

If you are an agricultural member of the BCCM and are interested in joining future roundtables, please email Chair Clare Fountain.

Listen to Melina Morrison and Enrique de los Rios on ABC Radio’s Country Breakfast, 26 November 2022.



Christmas closure

As we approach the Christmas season, please note that the BCCM will be closed from 16 December 2022 to 16 January 2023. We will be back with more Co-operative Farming news in February. We’d like to take this opportunity to wish you and your loved ones a safe and joyful Christmas season and a prosperous 2023.​​​​​​

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