Co-operative Conversations episode 3 part 1: interview

8 July 2020 18:30 - 19:15


A fine nut to crack: Marquis Macadamias story

A fine nut to crack: Marquis Macadamias story

Right climate, right soil, right farmers: on a slice of paradise on the north-east coast of Australia lies the world’s largest macadamia processing company. This is the area where macadamias first evolved 60 million years ago. It makes sense, then, that the macadamia is the sole Australian native crop ever to be developed and traded globally as a commercial food product. The farmer-owned co-operative grows, processes and sells almost half of Australia’s macadamia production as well as 22 percent of international kernel sales and 16 percent of international nut in shell sales – what they describe as the world’s finest nut.

Co-operative Conversations Host Pete Lewis talks to Larry McHugh, Chief Executive Officer of Marquis Macadamias about their interesting journey. They will delve into how their recent rebranding and consolidation experience came about, as well as how they managed to add value, profitability and resilience to farm incomes with advanced food manufacturing.

Episode host – Pete Lewis

Join Pete Lewis for an inspiring interview series as he explores the journeys of some of Australia’s most interesting and successful co-operatives. Pete’s long and varied experience as a journalist specialising in agriculture will ensure he gets to the heart of the issues you want to hear about.


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