Co-operative Conversations episode 6 part 2: roundtable

26 August 2020 19:45 - 20:45


Breaking the mould: How small producers can gain power and position by working together

During this roundtable we examine how some of Australia’s most interesting co-operatives have rethought how they do business by smaller businesses joining forces and increasing their yields, the role of strategic partnerships, maximising returns and competing on a global scale.

This was about businesses coming together to create scale, compete with the corporates and access markets they couldn’t reach on their own, and the panel will explore how to make such collaborative cohesion work. What are the processes they need to put in place? How do they make co-operative working fair and equitable? How has it enabled them to compete on the world stage? What kind of improvements have they seen in their own businesses? And what happens when it all goes wrong?

Roundtable guests include:

  • Justin Phillips – Assisting Consultant/Secretary,  Limestone Coast Fisherman’s Co-operative
  • Danielle Adams – Chief Executive Officer, Clarence River Fisherman’s Co-operative
  • Greg Wall – Former Group CEO of Capricorn Society and Director of the International Co-operative Alliance
  • Melina Morrison – Chief Executive Officer, BCCM

Episode host – Pete Lewis

Join Pete Lewis for an inspiring interview series as he explores the journeys of some of Australia’s most interesting and successful co-operatives. Pete’s long and varied experience as a journalist specialising in agriculture will ensure he gets to the heart of the issues you want to hear about.


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