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Farming Together showcases 20 primary producer case studies

Interview by Farming Together

Farming Together’s website showcases primary producer case studies including the following on their Community Map:

  • Australian bee keeper co-op – a hive of activity
  • Beechworth Food Coop ~ next level collaboration
  • Collaborating for fresh local produce
  • Developing an export co-op for the Canberra region
  • Developing supply strength with solid legal contracts
  • Developing trust in a citrus value chain
  • Growing market exposure for natural alpaca fibre
  • Margaret River small producers make their mark
  • Melbourne Farmers Markets ~ a permanent hub
  • Nuts about cross-border co-operating
  • Organic farmers eye-off wholesale markets
  • Planting the seeds of good business planning
  • Raising negotiation skills for wine producers
  • Relocating oysters for a more sustainable industry
  • Saving the co-operative model for a dairy community
  • The power of local branding
  • Tidying up governance for a clearer future
  • Timber growers improve scale by joining forces
  • Transforming a native food supply chain
  • Waratah Alpaca Fibre Coop exports to China


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