Leadership courses

Leadership courses are for new and experienced managers and leaders looking to develop leadership skills within an existing co-operative. These courses are designed for busy working professionals who are looking to refresh their knowledge to ensure it is current and relevant to their role, and to build upon existing expertise and skills for the benefit of the co-operative.

Don’t forget you can apply for an educational bursary to cover 90% of the cost of these courses.

Leadership courses

Foundations of Directorship Course for CMEs – Australian Institute of Company Directors

This course has been designed specifically for co-operatives and mutuals to help contextualise the responsibilities for boards and directors operating within the sector.

Over three days, participants will gain a foundational knowledge of their directorship duties and responsibilities with interactive workshop sessions covering board duties, meeting processes, finance, strategy and risk.

Sessions are facilitated by experienced directors and the program incorporates case studies tailored to the co-operative and mutuals industry to help increase relevance for participants.

Suitable for:

  • New and aspiring co-op and mutual directors
  • CME directors seeking a refresher course
  • Company secretaries, CEOs, CFOs and other executives seeking insights into working with directors.

Participants will be eligible to receive the Foundations of Directorship Certificate upon successful completion of an assessment.

The Business Council of Co-operatives and Mutuals (BCCM) in conjunction with the Australian Institute of Company Directors (AICD) is seeking expressions of interest from CME Directors and Executive Staff to undertake the new AICD Foundations of Directorship Course designed specifically for co-operative and mutual directors in Australia to run in 2020, subject to sufficient interest. Express your interest in attending.

Mutual Value Measurement (MVM) Virtual MasterClass August 2020 – Monash Business School

This Virtual Masterclass led by Dr Paul Thambar (Monash Business School) is designed to help CME executives and their teams to develop a detailed knowledge and understanding of the framework, as well as the necessary tools to implement the framework within their organisation.

Facilitated by the MVM research team, the virtual masterclass will run for around four hours (breaks will be included). Class content will include an overview of the framework, guidance on clarifying and establishing your mutual purpose, implementation planning and deep-dives into each of the six measurement dimensions. Each dimension will be unpacked, and suggestions will be provided for how each of its elements (objectives, activities, performance measures) could be developed.

This interactive masterclass will be an opportunity for CMEs to interact with the MVM research team and with peers. Pre-masterclass preparatory work will allow participants to get the most out of this class.

The Virtual Masterclass has been developed to provide organisations with two individual registrations per registration fee to encourage participation by multiple team members. The registration fee also includes a follow up one-on-one virtual meeting with a member of the MVM research team (if required) to help CMEs finalise their implementation plan. BCCM offers additional consultancy services to continue your MVM journey.

Express your interest in attending this MasterClass.

The Co-operatives and Mutuals Strategic Development Program (CMSDP) – Perth – 24-26 August 2020

Offered through AIM WA UWA Business School Executive Education, this three day program has been designed by Winthrop Professor Tim Mazzarol following extensive research into the needs of co-operative and mutual organisations. Co-operative Farming participants can access a special rate of $1,788. You can apply for a bursary to cover 90% of the cost.

The Program can be run in “bespoke” versions for co-operative and mutual enterprises (CMEs), including agricultural co-ops, to assist their boards and members to fully understand not only what a CME is and why it has a unique business model, but to examine how they can either build new co-ops that have the right foundations strategically rather than just compliant with legislation, or to innovate their existing business model. The emphasis is on applied strategic thinking and application of strategic management principles. The entire course has been developed from in-depth research at an international level, into the CME business model.

This course is assessed as Adept level and will require participants to have some knowledge and experience of the co-operative business model.

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Alternatively, you can contact Dr Steve Brown, Manager, AIM WA+UWA Business School Executive Education on 0413 802 702 or email sbrown@execed.com.au to discuss how the program could be customised for your CME.