Educational bursaries

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Our educational bursaries are aimed specifically at encouraging learners from the farming, fishing and forestry community to extend their capabilities through study, regardless of their level of formal educational attainment. Once a participant is approved, the bursary will be paid directly to the education or training provider.

Who can apply?

During the period of 30 April 2020 to 31 July 2021, educational bursaries are offered to applicants from within agricultural communities who are either:

  • working within a farming, fishing or forestry cooperative for a period of 12 months or more, or
  • have worked within the farming, fishing or forestry industries for a period of 12 months or more and can demonstrate their interest in learning more about the co-operative business model.

Successful applicants will need to

  • be an Australian citizen or permanent resident,
  • meet criteria for educational financial support,
  • comply with the terms and conditions, and
  • for some courses may have to meet separate entry requirements for specific courses.

 What can be applied for?

The educational bursaries are not provided directly to the applicant but to the educational or training provider. There are two levels of financial support available to apply to a list of approved courses

  • Fully funded – 100% of the cost is covered by the education bursary (category A). Category A courses are developed and offered by BCCM
  • Co-funded by applicants – 90% of the cost is covered by the education bursary (category B)
  • Exceptional cases – (category C) bursaries may cover the costs of travel or other related disbursements to attend a course in cases of hardship where access to education is restricted for financial or other reasons of hardship.


  • Round 1 | opens 30 April 2020 | closes 31 July 2020
  • Round 2 | opens 1 Sept 2020 | closes 30 November 2020
  • Round 3 (optional – subject to residual funding) | opens 1 Feb 2021 | closes 1 March 2010

Terms & Conditions

  1. The maximum bursary per applicant is $3,500 (ex GST). * in exceptional cases a higher bursary may be available where an Australian farmer, fisher or forester can demonstrate the value they will derive to their cooperative business from attending a specialised higher value co-operative education course.
  2. Applicants can access funding for more than one course/program but cannot exceed the cap of $3500 (ex GST)
  3. If applying for multiple courses under the $3,500 cap, each course has to be successfully completed.
  4. Course fees are not paid directly to the applicant but from the Co-operative Farming project managed by the Business Council of Co-operatives and Mutuals
  5. Educational bursaries are not transferrable
  6. Application form to be submitted by the applicant or their representative, and applicants will be be required to provide verifiable identification
  7. Awarding of the educational bursary is at the sole discretion of the Co-operative Farming project
  8. Successful applicants for bursaries will be selected (where applicable) based on:
    1. their past commitment to working with, or supporting fishing, farming or forestry co-operatives for a minimum of 12 months; or
    2. working within an agricultural business model for a minimum of 12 months; or
    3. working within agriculture for a minimum of 12 months.
  9. Successful applicants must be an Australian citizen or permanent resident (check other categories).

Apply for a bursary

Once received, a member of the Co-operative Farming team will contact you to discuss your application.

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