Dr Elena Limnios

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Business planning
Financial management/reporting, performance measurement and other value reporting
Formation of co-operatives
Member engagement

ABOUT Dr Elena Limnios

Dr Elena Limnios is an expert in Cooperative and Mutual Enterprise (CME) business models, governance, member engagement and finance. She has also co-developed and delivered Executive Leadership courses for CMEs through the Australian Institute of Management WA.

Elena holds a Masters in Engineering, an MBA and a PhD in organisational resilience metrics, the latter from UWA, where she served as Assistant Professor until 2017.

She is an experienced consultant in Strategy and Organisational change, and is a co-founder of a boutique property development and project management consulting business. She has business interests in diverse industries including real estate and property development, medical tourism, mining and education. And is an experienced board member and board advisor for member-owned enterprises, government entities and social enterprises.