Antony McMullen

Co-founder and Director
Co-operative Bonds
0418 223 517
Business planning
Co-operative legal and governance
Formation of co-operatives
Fundraising and farm advocacy

ABOUT Antony McMullen

Antony is an expert co-operative developer committed to building local prosperity for the common good. His passion for good governance is recognised through his designation as Fellow of the Governance Institute of Australia.

He has worked with a range of rural, regional and farming communities in diverse areas including economic development (including Indigenous), food trails, orchards, beef and organics across Australia.

Antony co-drafted the BCCM Co-operative and Mutual Enterprise best-practice governance framework and he holds qualifications in social impact (social entrepreneurship), community development and co-operative leadership.

Through Co-operative Bonds, Antony provides education and development services to start-up co-operative and mutual enterprises designed to facilitate informed decision-making and self-reliance.

Antony has helped develop and co-found several co-operatives, serving on co-operatives boards as both Secretary and Chair, so he understands the benefits and challenges of the co-operative business model first hard.