Producer – Ethical meat supply

Type: Trading - Qld

Primary Activity

The primary activities of the co-operative are:

  1. Buying produce from members,
  2. Providing facilities or arrangements for the processing of such produce,
  3. Marketing, storing and transporting produce for members,
  4. Developing standards for farmers dealing with animal welfare, ecological balance, environmental protection and sustainability, and
  5. Developing training or educational materials and programs for farmers and consumers.

Active membership

In order for a member to establish and maintain active membership of the co-operative the member must do at least one of the following:

  1. Sell or deliver a minimum of $300 worth of produce to the co-operative or to a place that the co-operative has nominated,
  2. Attend or host a training program offered by the cooperative,
  3. Provide volunteer help to the co-operative for a minimum of 1 hour each month

For the purposes of the primary activity and active membership rules produce includes any meat, being beef, lamb, pork or chicken, eggs and other similar products grown by the member on land owned, leased or otherwise managed by the member.