Consumer and producer – Food co-operative

Type: Non-Distributing - NSW

Primary Activity

The primary activities of the co-operative are:

  1. Operating a retail produce store in ……, stocking locally sourced Food, organic food and related products;
  2. Buying fresh produce from local farmers for sale in the retail produce store; and
  3. Providing information and awareness-raising activities on the benefits of buying and consuming locally sourced or organic products.

Active membership

In order for a member to establish and maintain active membership of the co-operative the member must pay the annual membership fee under rule …. to the co-operative and one of the following:

  1. purchase a minimum of $100.00 worth of products from the co-operative each year; or
  2. supply the co-operative with $100.00 (wholesale price) worth of food, food related products, or other products sought by the co-operative, each year; or
  3. provide volunteer labour to the co-operative for a minimum of 50 hours each year.