Worker and Consumer – Environmental services

Type: Distributing - NSW

Primary Activity

The primary activity of the co-operative are to:

  1. provide advisory and management services in respect of land use including services to enhance carbon sequestration and build the biodiversity values of land in Australia and elsewhere,
  2. provide measurement, monitoring, verification and reporting services related to carbon sequestration and biodiversity values of land,
  3. provide an information service and knowledge building programs about carbon sequestration, carbon trading, biodiversity and land management systems,
  4. develop member capacity to negotiate and trade accumulated carbon on behalf of members, on the domestic and international carbon markets

Active membership

In order for a member to establish and maintain active membership of the co-operative the member must:

  1. subscribe to the co-operative news and information service, and
  2. acquire a minimum of one fee-based service of the co-operative in every twelve month period at a price of $100.

Fee-based services include, but are not limited to, any services developed by the co-operative for landholders or training services for members.