Consumer – Business services

Type: Non-distributing  - NSW

Primary Activity

The  primary activities of the co-operative are to provide services and products to member organisations that have charitable purposes, such services include, but are not limited to:

  1. Advocacy and negotiation services,
  2. Administrative, marketing and organisational support services,
  3. Procurement and contract management services,
  4. Training, educational and development products and services to members and
  5. Communication and training services for members and the broader community.

Active membership

In order for a member to establish and maintain active membership of the co-operative the member must

  1. Attend at least one training, educational or development service offered by the co-operative in each financial year, and
  2. Provide the co-operative with proof of its compliance with its charitable purposes and proof of its financial position each financial year.

The following words and phrases have a special meaning for the purposes of the active membership requirements in this rule:

“attend” means that a member will enable its staff, including volunteers, to physically attend a training, educational or development service offered by the co-operative at no charge to the staff member or volunteer.

“proof of compliance with its charitable purposes” means its most current annual information statement that the member organisation must lodge with the Australian Charities and Not for Profits Commission (ACNC) or any other regulator that performs the same role, provided that the member is not required to provide such proof prior to having lodged with the ACNC or other regulator.

“proof of its financial position” means the audited financial statements including any auditor’s report or advice for the immediately preceding financial year.