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Ever wanted to hear a story about the underdog getting ahead? Now you can in a new podcast series about Australian farmers taking their businesses from the brink of disaster to success by working together.

Featuring candid and heartwarming interviews, leading primary producers in dairy, horticulture, fishing and beef industries address some of the biggest issues facing farmers today.  This eight-episode series puts forward the solutions aimed at future-proofing family farms and talks to farmers and fishers fighting a David versus Goliath battle using the co-operative model.

Pete Lewis speaks frankly with farmers from all around Australia who are successfully using co-operative farming business models. Through their stories and real-life experiences (warts and all), you will learn how relevant and positive it can be to the farming model and farming in general, and how it literally changes lives.

Interviews with Stuart Crosthwaite (Mountain Milk Co-operative), Doriana Mangili (Sweeter Banana Co-operative), Natalie Browning (CBH Group), Rodger Long (Limestone Coast Fishermen’s Co-operative), Stephen Thandi (Oz Group), Emma Robinson (The Beef Collaboration Project), Kerry Murphy (TAFCO) and Larry McHugh (Marquis Macadamias).

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Other Episodes

Episode 1: The little dairy co-operative that could
How Stuart Crosthwaite and the Mountain Milk farmers came back from the brink of destruction after the collapse of Murray Goulburn. This is the story of how you can go from the edge of disaster to creating a business direction the next generations will be inspired to follow.
The Lockyer Valley: Feeding Australia
Michael Cavanagh sat down with Colin Dorber, the driving force behind the co-op and a man committed to the future prosperity of the Lockyer Valley region.
Episode 3: How Australia's largest grain exporter works
Farming can be a risky business, swinging from feast to famine, drought to flooding rains. But CBH, one of the biggest in the world, has managed high consistent results for its members for more than 85 years.