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Building trust and the power of collective data
26 November 2020 Online

Farming Together’s Learning Together Webinar Series. Learn how a group of beef producers gained each other’s trust to share data including benchmarking input and performance costs.

Galvanising hidden strengths: Building community knowledge and support networks
19 November 2020 Online

Farming Together’s Learning Together Webinar Series. How to build and strengthen networks

Out of the box solutions: Community supporting agriculture – agriculture building community
12 November 2020 Online

Farming Together’s Learning Together Webinar Series. Food box distribution has become increasingly popular since the COVID outbreak. But how do farmer groups get one off the ground? And which model is right for you, your collaborative partners, and your community?

Dare to share your data: Developing a farmer-driven data co-operative
5 November 2020 Online

Farming Together’s Learning Together Webinar Series: Data sharing arrangements allow farmers to gain access to a wider set of data to help with management decisions.

Co-operative Conversations episode 10
21 October 2020 Online

Are you a farmer, fisher or forester interested in setting up, or improving the running of your co-operative, and you’ve been told that it’s harder to raise capital in a co-op or to obtain loans? This conversation is for you.

Co-operative Conversations episode 9 part 2: roundtable
14 October 2020 Online

This roundtable examines group buying and how co-ops add value and provide services through innovation and understanding their members, their customers and their communities. Our panelists are drawn from businesses that have successfully harnessed the power of their members to collaboratively purchase and/or supply food, agricultural products and related services.

Co-operative Conversations episode 9 part 1: interview
14 October 2020 Online

If there’s something Kerry Murphy doesn’t know about running a community co-operative, it’s not worth knowing. She has been general
secretary of Victoria’s influential, award-winning and profitable rural supplies co-operative TAFCO, which managed to reinvent itself after the decline of the tobacco industry in many innovative ways.

Co-operatives and mutuals strategic development program (CMSDP) with Professor Tim Mazzarol
13 October 2020 - 29 October 2020 Online

This online course delivered in an intensive format over three weeks focuses on what sets co-operative and mutual businesses apart from other business types, and provides critical insights into key strategic focus areas.

Co-operative Conversations episode 8 part 2: roundtable
30 September 2020 Online

It doesn’t matter if you’re big or small, often the most crucial part of forming and growing co-operatives is the membership. From putting the right structures in place in the beginning to keeping members engaged and moving in the same direction through growth and success and trials and tribulations, there are plenty of ways you can get it wrong or right.

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