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Community driven business structures
3 December 2020 - 10 December 2020 Online

Eager to connect with your fellow growers and find ways to get your food to a local, engaged and appreciative audience? Hear from those who’ve trodden this path already and hear firsthand about their wins, challenges, growing pains and opportunities. Most importantly, ask the questions that allow you to consider what will work for you and meet other growers on a similar trajectory.

Love thy neighbour: Neighbouring farmers joining forces
3 December 2020 Online

Farming Together’s Learning Together Webinar Series. How sharing knowledge and resources, can improve decision making and yield better results.

Stories from Country: Indigenous collaborative farming
10 December 2020 Online

Farming Together’s Learning Together Webinar Series. The Noongar Land Enterprise (NLE) was formed in 2014 in order to benefit from a collective approach to active land management and business enterprise development on Noongar Land.

Talking about your generation: Planning for success in succussion
17 December 2020 Online

Farming Together’s Learning Together Webinar Series. This webinar explores different ways of approaching succession – from developing family inclusion to opening up the family farm to other collaborators and ventures.

Getting to know your region and community
4 February 2021 - 11 February 2021 Online

This is a two week online Oricorp course that provides insight into understanding your community, your ecological assets and how to bring the two together to create a collaborative and practical solution for growers of all sizes.

Foundations of Directorship Course for CMEs
15 February 2021 - 3 March 2021 Online

This course has been designed specifically for co-operatives and mutuals to help contextualise the responsibilities for boards and directors operating within the sector. Over three days, participants will gain a foundational knowledge of their directorship duties and responsibilities with interactive workshop sessions covering board duties, meeting processes, finance, strategy and risk.

The Co-operatives and Mutuals Strategic Development Program (CMSDP)
10 March 2021 - 12 March 2021 AIM WA UWA Business School

Offered through AIM WA UWA Business School Executive Education, this three day, face-to-face program has been designed by Winthrop Professor Tim Mazzarol following extensive research into the needs of co-operative and mutual organisations. 

2020 BCCM Leaders’ Summit and Industry Dinner
16 March 2021 - 17 March 2021 Sydney

The 2020 BCCM Summit is Australia’s only cross-sector business summit for co-operative and mutual leaders. Join us for panel discussions and sessions featuring highly regarded Australian and international speakers.

Taking your collective business online
25 March 2021 - 1 April 2021 Online

This is a two week online Oricorp course which will empower farmers to diversify the paths to market for their business and going online.  Work with key experts with shovel-ready tools to assist farmers in their marketplace.

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