Media enquires

With thanks to the following photographers for their work on the Co-operative Farming project. A list of subjects is available under each photographer’s name.

Tony McDonough
  • Gail Stubber, WA Hemp Growers Co
  • Greg Wall
  • Mark Wilkinson, Sunpick/FruitWest
  • Natalie Browning, CBH
Josh Robenstone
  • Carolyn Suggate,  Victoria
  • Kerry Murphy, TAFCO
  • Robyn Donnelly, Victoria
  • Stuart Crosthwaite, Victoria
Jayde Guest
  • Simon Stead, CBH
Ben Searcy
  • Simon Lane
  • Shane Chisholm, Lenswood Apples
  • Brenton Woolston, AlmondCo
Paul Harris
  • Stephen Thandi, Oz Group
  • Michael Hampson, Norco
  • Alastair Anderson, Norco
  • Greg McNamara, Norco
  • Lary McHugh, Marquis Macadamias
  • John Seccombe, Northern Co-operative Meat Company
  • Clarence River Fishermens Co-op
  • Danielle Adams, Clarence River Fisherman’s Co-op
Cameron Laird
  • Aaron Newman, Qld Country Bank
  • Emma Robinson, Beef Co Inc
Thank you to the following co-operatives for allowing use of their professional photos:
  • Limestone Coast Fishermen’s Co-op
  • Geraldton Fishermen’s Co-op
Clarence River Fishermen’s Co-operative, Credit Paul Harris

Who owns the organisation? In a co-operative, it is the member, the patron. In a non-co-operative it would be a shareholder. What does that mean? Well, if a member owns the organisation, he will have a different objective function than will a shareholder. A shareholder will want a return on his investment. The member will want a return on his investment at home. He or she will want the co-operative to do well, but the primary objective is to enhance his or her socio-economic wellbeing.

Prof. Michael L Cook